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Subject:  Dodgers over 4th/Styx
Date:  7/14/05, 1:54pm (Last Edited: 7/14/05, 1:55pm)
I went a Dodgers game over the 4th with my buddy. Man, it was a hard to game to watch, but I stuck through it and there were going to be fireworks at the end. Well, that proved to not be reason enough b/c the fireworks started a fire so they had to end early. Bad night. My buddy played me the new styx album on the way home. I didn't even know they were still around, but he works at universal, so he always knows what is going on in the music world. It really look me back hearing them again. They were my band in hs- I listened to Come Sail Away over and over. It was nice to hear them, even though the game had been so bad. Val

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