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Subject:  Sheffield comes off the DL
Date:  9/19/06, 3:37pm
I am sitting in third place in my money league... the last spot eligible for the money. I am only 1 RBI away from the guy ahead of me...

So, I have just brought up Sheffield. Unfortunately, league rules prevent me from putting him at 1B until he plays 5 games there... I am hoping he starts at 1B tomorrow.

How about a pinch hit grand slam tonight?

I have replaced Kearns with Sheffield. Kearns has recently gotten hot, so this could come back to bite me in the ass... but it was him, Ordonez, Drew (OBP is one of our cats), Juan Rivera (I was thinking about dropping him), or Matt Holliday.

Rotoworld reports that Sheffield hit 3 HRs in his simulated game today.

Unfortunately, those HRs were off 58 year old Ron Guidry.

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